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LiBella offers a wide range of services, from full-service wedding planning to a more limited, supportive role on your wedding day.


LiBella Wedding Planning and Design is a full-service wedding consulting and event coordination company offering a variety of services to fit each client’s individual needs. LiBella provides professional expertise, creativity and coordination to help make each event a unique and memorable event for the bride, groom their families and guests. They offer:

– Event planning and coordination
– Design, theme concepts, creative assistance, etiquette, menu selections, etc.
– Stationary and wedding accessories through Birchcraft, Stylart adn JeanM
– Specialty linens and retnal of unique items that are hard to find
– Most of all, LiBella offers peace of mind that your event will be better than you imagined

Here are five ways a wedding coordinator can reduce stress and help you plan the wedding of your dreams!

– Help you plan your wedding from beginning to end! Schedule and keep track of your appointments with vendors, accompany you to all your meetings and help you make final selections before booking vendors. Review written contracts before you sign them to make sure they clearly spell out the vendors’ obligations and protect you from poor service or unnecessary charges.

– Find creative solutions to your problems and come up with cost-effective alternatives to your most expensive tastes.

– Provide professional vendor referrals. Through years of experience, LiBella knows hosts of vendors. They’ve become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses and know which vendors consistently deliver quality services. They can help match your needs with the vendors who can meet them. LiBella is also a skilled negotiater. Because they know the wedding industry well, vendors are less likely to dupe them into higher prices or sales gimmicks. LiBella can help you get the best value for your money and help make sure you don’t exceed your budget.

– Act as liaison, peacemaker and etiquette advisor with vendors and family members. LiBella can communicate with various vendors on your behalf, and even difficult guests or family members. LiBella can work out compromises to keep everyone happy, all the while sparing you the stress of dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings.

– Coordinate your wedding day. The big day is here and you have to get your hair and make-up done, get into your wedding gown, take photos with your family and make sure everything is on schedule for the ceremony and reception. The pressure can fray the calmest of nerves. LiBella can take care of all the details for you, keep track of events on multipe fronts and handle unforeseen delays or problems with flair and composure… leaving the day for you, your fiance and guests to enjoy the festivities.

Latest Trends in Bachelor/Bacherlorette Parties

LiBella clients not only come for ideas for wedding days, but for pre-wedding events as well. One of the events is the bachelor/bachelorette party.

One concept is having a combined party instead of celebrating separately. This is a fun way for couples to celebrate on a different level and there are no rules. You and your groom decide what type of get-together suits you best.

Here are a few “joint” ideas:

The Things you Love Party:

Invite your guests to participate in something you enjoy as a twosome and turn it into a group activity such as golfing, skiing, hiking, boating or camping.

Consider an activity like bowling that you can team up girls v. guys to get everyone involved and mingling with one another. There is nothing like a little competition to draw even the most timid partygoers out of their shells. Just remember to have a prize for the winning team.

Or have everyone participate in a new activity as a group, such as a Salsa dancing class or Thai cooking lesson. Be creative and have fun.

A Room of One’s Own Party:

Choose a room (bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, for example) and ask your guests to bring corresponding gifts. Think spice rack for kitchen or alarm clock for bedroom. Assigning different rooms to each invitee ensures variety.

Another idea is, the hosts put the blueprints for the engaged couple’s house on the invitations and color a different room fo reach person. The guests know which hue to choose bedause the shade of the room on the invitation matches the color scheme of that room’s decorations. Whether or not you confer with your architect, guests can always consult your gift registry for your appliance, color and pattern preferences.

Home Improvement Party:

If the couple’s found the quaintest house around town, but it needs a facelift, then consider a fixer-upper party, where the guests gather at the twosome’s new abode and help dust away cobwebs and repair those creaky stairs. Everyone’s gift to the couple is time and elbow grease, but other great presents can include discount coupons for handymen, gift certificates to paint stores or hardware stores and tools such as rakes and hammers. Or this could be for a landscaping theme as well.

What Will They Do Party:

This is a great idea. This type of party theme is really great for the couple who already owns the things that are typically given as gifts at bachelor and bachelorette parties. Usually during the first year of marriage many couples are on a tight budget because they are trying to finish school and establish a career. Most newly weds don’t have extra money to do things like go out to dinner or the movies.

The idea behind the theme is to provide the bride and groom with fun activities to do during their first year of marriage. Activities like movies, dinner, plays or concerts; even money for gas or groceries helps ease the financial strain.

Gifts for this type of theme could include

Gift certificates to their local movie theatre

Gift certificates to a variety of local restaurants

Tickets to their favorite sports team game

Gas card

Concert tickets

Tickets to a play

Gift cards or certificates make buying and deciding on a gift easy for the person giving. The couple gets something they can use and not have to return, plus the guest doesn’t have to search for the perfect gift. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

If you’re torn between wanting some time with the ladies (and for him with the guys) and want to share the event with your significant other, in this case you can have your cake and eat it too! You can split the evening in two parts, either beginning or ending with a joint party. Couples can start with separate activities like the girls go to a day spa and the guys go golfing, and then they meet up for a group activity of their choice.


If you’re making plans for a wedding, shower, bachelor/bachelorette party or any significant event before your wedding, give LiBella Wedding Planning and Design a call at (801) 635-4339 or online at

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