Get Kayaking

Get Kayaking

Nothing beats a day on the lake kayaking. It’s a great chance to unwind and
get a good workout too. For our 20 days of summer we show off some of
the great lakes you can try out and give you a chance to rent a kayak on us.
You can try the Hobie Mirage a kayak that allows you to both paddle and
pedal your way around the lake this year.

Angie Denison, Studio 5 producer shares her latest passion, tandem

Great Lakes to Go Kayaking:

Fairview Canyon is home to a number of great lakes worth trying
out. Gooseberry Reservoir, Fairview Lakes, Bench’s Pond, Miller Flat Res.,
Potter’s Pond. View Fairview Fishing in
Google Maps
Huntington, Cleveland, Electric Lake, and Scofield are
accessible via paved roads and usually offer very good fishing for rainbow
and/or cutthroat trout.

Causey Reservoir is an intermediate-sized reservoir on the South
Fork of the Ogden River above Huntsville. It is located east of Ogden in
Ogden Canyon. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful reservoirs in Utah.
The reservoir is nestled in steep valley terrain. The reservoir extends away
from the main body into 3 distinct canyons.

Little Dell Reservoir is about 13 miles east of Salt Lake City up
Parley’s Canyon. The reservoir is about 1,700 feet in length. The recreation
area at Little Dell is located near the site of a historic Pony Express station
run by Utah pioneer Ephraim Hanks in the mid-19th century. Known as
Little Dell Station, it was situated about 1000 feet northeast of
the northernmost tip of the reservoir.

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