Getting “Joe Six Pack” Abs

Registered Dietitian Melanie Douglass has exercises to get your abs in shape as well as some thoughts on that quest for a six-pack.

Not everyone can get a 6 pack – genetics do play a role and for most women, they have to be really, really lean (sometimes so lean it interrupts menstrual cycles)

But everyone can get flatter abs! Yes women can get a flat stomach again, but the “six-pack” is little too ambitious for most people. And really, is it that important? A 6-pack vs. a flat stomach doesn’t make you healthier… and if you want a 6-pack, it’s usually to show them off, and really how many times a year do you walk around showing your mid-section?

Instead of a “6-pack” think simple “lean, flat” abs. Flat abs look perfectly fine in regular clothes or bathing suits! And the process of achieving flat abs is so much more enjoyable and realistic to accomplish.

And here are the 5 best exercises to try to get those “lean, flat” abs.

1) Long-arm Crunch

2) Reverse Slant Crunch

3) Crunch with Leg Extension

4) Side Plank

5) Hover

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