Getting to the Root of Slow Drains

Kent Whipple, with Whipple Service Champions outlines some of the common problems that clog up drains.

Collapsed Pipes and Bellies

Imagine this, the main drain going out the front of the house usually goes down under the basement floor and out the front of the house. That’s pretty deep in the ground. When they put those lines in the ground they have to dig a deep trench that goes all the way across the front yard and out to the street. It could be 8, 10 I have even seen up to 15 feet deep. The plumber climbs down in that trench and very quickly puts some pipe together so he can get out of there as fast as he can. Sometimes they over excavate and when they backfill the trench the bed under the pipe compresses and a belly in the pipe is created. The pipe might have gotten hit by a big rock when the dirt was back filled into the trench. That can’t be good.


Roots love sewer water for obvious reasons, its wet, its plentiful, its fertile…and they will get into the pipe like a teeny little straw in the smallest crack or opening and continue to grow, and grow until they bust open the pipe and take over the line. Roots will get in the line and travel dozens of feet down the line getting bigger and bigger plugging up the line.


Debris and foreign objects can get into the pipes from clean outs or while the house was under construction. We have a trailer mounted jetter that blasts 55 gals of water per minute at 2200 pounds per square inch. It will scour the pipe to the bare walls. We also have the latest technology for trenchless main drain line replacement dig a hole on each end of the pipe and burst the old drain line and pull a new pipe in its place. It gives you a whole new sewer pipe with very little digging

We are very good at diagnosing drain line problems, and it all starts with a $48 drain cleaning special. We will clean any drain for just $48 and guarantee that it won’t plug up for a year.

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