Gifts for Grandparents

Professional artist and Studio 5 Contributor, Jonnie Hartman has some creative ideas that might just fit the bill.


Family Tree

Items needed

1. Shadow boxes( Craft Store)

2. Paper or Fabric

3. Foam mounting stickers (they lift the design up off the page)

4. scissors

5. Fine tip marker

6. Family History


Cut out and design tree according to you family history.
Use Mounting foam to adhere leaves and tree. Get creative with the colors and patterns. Use marker to write family members names and traits. Enclose design in Shadow box.

No- Sew Fleece Pillows

Items Needed

1. Half a Yard of Fleece

2. Scissors

3. Batting

4. Heat and Bond no sew adhesive


Cut your fleece to desired pillow size (2 separate pieces) Cut 2 1/2 inch by 1/2 strips along the edges.

If you are adding a design or initial, add that now by using the Heat and Bond.

Use a pillowcase to cover the fleece and design when you are ironing it onto the pillow.

Lay fleece on top of each other and tie knots along the edges.

Leave room to stuff the batting in and finish knots.

Shrinky Dinks Wind Chime

Items needed

1. Plain 8×10 shrinky dinks white or frosted sheets.

2. Colored pencils

3. Markers

4. Hole punch

5. String

6. Beads


8.Toaster Oven or Oven


Lay out sheet of shrinky dink paper.

Color and cut out your design.

(Remember they shrink a lot so don’t start too small) Punch a hole before you bake them.

Follow temperature guidelines on shrinky dink package for oven use.

Let cool.

Add embellishments and string.

Digital Photo Book

Down load photos and create a great memory book at

Snow Basin Gift Certificate

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If you would like to contact Jonnie about any of her artwork, you can at:

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