Little Playdates: “Learning by Example”

JoAnne Pettrey talks about the three award-winning volumes that are perfect for your child.


There are three different DVD’s from Little Playdates. Get all three and see how your children … and even you … will love them.

Volume 1

The Little Friends’ delightful introduction, created by parents, helps teach young children positive social interaction. Watch your child interact in fun and positive playdates with over 70 new friends all leanring, sharing and growing together. The “Layer of Leanring” feature adds social-building words to your child’s experience. Whether it be in the playroom, in the park, on the farm or playing with puppies and kittens, your child will be uplifted, and learn important social building lessons in Little Playdates Little Friends.

The DVD features the full feature “Little Friends” movie, the “Layer of Leanring”, which adds pop-phrases for your child’s social development. It also has a repeat play mode and an upbeat soundtrack proven to education and entertain.

Volume 2

Little adventurers is the wonderful second addition to the Little Playdates series, created by parents. It’s where children learn positive social skills through play and interaction. Using over 120 different children, this DVD shows children as they learn kindness, sharing and friendship, in playdates at museums, floral gardens, on a fire truck and more. All is set to upbeat soundtracks that will really get your child moving!

Volume 3

Critter Friends is the ively third addition to the award-winning Little Playdates series. Your child joins the children as they explore and interact with creatures from the land and the sea in a unique animal-filled experience that will encourage your child to show kindness to animals, kindness to each other, sharing and friendship. Watch your child coo, smile, point, laugh, wiggle and dance as they itneract with the children in the show.

Wendy Fournier, Presidnet of the National Autism Association has endorsed this series of DVD and called the Little Playdates as ” a wonderful leanring tool for children with developmental disabilities … they are visually attractive in a bright and colorful way that does not overwhlem the senses”

Get all three volumes that are approximately 30 minutes long and in color. Just go to or visit your nearest Deseret Book store.

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