Gifts for the Cook: Harmon’s

Bob and Randy Harmon, from Harmon’s grocery stores, just got back from some place pretty close to the North Pole, and returned with some gift ideas.

Harmons is offering some unique foods and cooking implements that would please any cook on your Christmas list. Why not pair some of Harmons gourmet cheeses with some fresh artisan bread from Harmons. Harmons sells attractive gift bags to put the bread in. You can wrap up the cheese with a cutting board and knife for a great gift.

Harmons is also exclusively selling fresh caught and cooked Red King Crab in their stores. The crab is caught in Alaskan waters, cooked, fresh-packed and flown from Anchorage to Harmons within two days. This is highly exclusive to Harmons.

Bob and Randy went to Dutch Harbor, Alaska to go on a crabbing trip to experience how their vendor catches and processes fresh crab that Harmons is carrying in their stores.

Harmons’ Red King Crab is fresh-cooked, never frozen and will be available through about December 23.

This freshly cooked crab is different from what you get in most stores or restaurants. The crab is hand picked for size, cleanliness and quality. Harmons’ Red King Crab should be eaten in its pure state to appreciate the sweet, succulent taste.

Harmons Red King Crab would make a wonderful Christmas present. It could also be paired with kitchen shears or shellfish tools.

For more information and to get more Christmas gift ideas, visit you neighborhood Harmons store. To find one near you, you can visit

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