Gifts of Gratitude

Now is the time to actually follow-through and deliver that heartfelt thank you.

Emily Hover has paired “thoughtful” with “easy” for sharing a quick gift of gratitude.

1. Jar of Jam: Homemade or Pioneer Valley gourmet – wrap some jute around the lid with a tag that reads, “Thanks SO MUCH for helping me out of a JAM!” Drop off with or without a loaf of bread…

2. BUNS candy: We’ve grabbed 3 “BUNS” and stacked them in a kraft take-out container. Wrapped with ribbon and tag that reads, “Thank You for saving my BUNS!” Hopefully it will get the point across!

3. TICKETS: We have designed a simple ticket that reads, “Thanks for your help – you were just the ticket!” and tied to a striped candy sack filled with candy. Add tickets to a movie, the theatre, or a game if you want!

4. PICKED: (using any type of fruit theme you would like) Fill a basket full of berry themed ‘stuff’ – real fruit, fruit juices, fruit roll ups, jam, lotions, etc. The tag simply says, “I couldn’t have PICKED a better (friend/hostess/teacher) than you! The finishing touches will make this gift unique, so make sure you use ribbon, filler, and coordinate colors!

5. HAT: Whether it’s from a boutique or the dollar store in the dress up section – this is a fun way to say THANKS. Fill the hat with goodies, or simply tie a pretty bow. The tag reads, “HATS OFF to you for hosting an amazing event!”

6. PEOPLE WATER: Even if you weren’t obsessed with the Bachelorette, the bottled “PEOPLE” water is still catchy! Grab a few bottles and hand out to co-workers, friends, etc. – “You’re one of my favorite PEOPLE in the world! Thanks for being a great friend.” There are so many different phrases you could use – another one I like – “I’m so glad there are PEOPLE in the world like you!” Add a favorite treat to go with it if you want.

7. BOTTLE: I know the mason jar is used a LOT – but for good reason! Grab one from your pantry, fill up with ANYTHING and attach the tag. “It’s been bottled up for long enough and needs to come out… so THANK YOU for all you’ve done!” If the “thank you” is coming from multiple people, have each of them write a little note to ‘bottle’ up in the jar to make it more personal.

8. BIG LEAGUE GUM: Take someone back to their youth by giving them a package of Big League Gum! The tag could read, “YOU belong in the BIG LEAGUE! Thanks for hitting a home run!”

9. FANTA SODA: We’ve taken two Fanta soda cans and placed them in clear cello. Add some treats/gift certificates/etc and the tag that reads, “Thanks for being so FANTA-stic!” -or- “Thanks for being a FANTA-stic teacher/friend/hostess/coach”

Pioneer Party is an awesome locally-owned store with wonderful gift ideas, including creative gifts to go, unique balloon bouquets, party supplies, endless amounts of candy, bulk toys, monthly Visiting Teaching gifts, and more!

Located in Lehi, Utah at 154 West Main Street

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