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Studio 5 Girlfriend Guide: 3 tired mom solutions for those days when you just can’t

We’re all the tired mom some days, even most days!

The best advice always comes from a really good girlfriend – someone you know has your back and wants the best for you. That’s the idea behind our series, The Girlfriend Guide.

Kelly Jensen shares how to be a good mother, even when you’re tired!

Find Kelly on Instagram, @kellyejensen.

Tired Mom Activities

  • Heads Up App
  • What’s on my bum
  • Building block reusable cups
  • Lazy sports coach
  • Spa day for mom
  • Mid-day movie in pjs
  • Take kids to a movie w/recliners
  • Bath time truth or dare
  • Bug catching outside
  • Candy taste test challenge
  • Lay down hair salon
  • Challenge kids to draw you while sleeping
  • Individual reading at bookstore
  • Mom foot massage
  • Write messages in lotion on legs or back
  • Go outside, close eyes, and listen to nature sounds
  • Play Cinderella and let the kids clean
  • Listen to Audio books or podcasts
  • Don’t wake mama bear
  • Draw pictures or letters on back with finger while you lay down
  • Role reversal; they are parent and you the kid (they put you down with water and a snack)
  • Let kids paint toenails
  • Go on a bear hunt (mom hides stuff animal and they go hunting)
  • Give each kid a $5 bill and hold it to the wall with their nose and no hands; First to drop loses
  • Create a list of objects for kids to find
  • Rainbow cleanup (first pickup red things, then orange, etc)
  • Give kids exercise challenges (timed, or competition)
  • Give small toddlers the vacuum hose and see how many crumbs they can find
  • Play hot wheels on your back
  • Play dead fish (they must lay still and you call out the floppers)
  • Timed obstacles course
  • Never under estimate the power of Whoopi cushions
  • Blow up balloon and bounce it around the house
  • Cloud watching
  • Red light green light
  • Simon says
  • Chase a laser pointer
  • Let them paint your face or legs
  • Set up a still life drawing and challenge them to do it
  • Talent show auditions
  • Laps around the house
  • Driveway Painting or chalk drawing outside
  • Eye spy

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