Girlfriend’s Garden Party

Darin Engh, from Engh Garden, hosts parties like this at their store in Sandy, and he offers some tips for having a successful Girlfriend’s Garden Party.


The easiest way is to actually have your party at Engh Gardens. There is a huge selection of flowers to chose from while you’re planting. If a color doesn’t match, you can always find one that does. Engh Gardens will provide the set-up and clean up and has potting soil on-hand.

If you attempt to have a party at a different location, these guidelines could help:

• Have everyone bring an empty container or two. Make sure the pots have drainage holes.

• Some guests may know how to plant a container, while other friends are novices. At Engh Gardens, the knowledgeable “Container Coaches” love to offer tips to keep in mind while planting.

• You could also bring favors or drinks and refreshments for your group.

Container Tips:

1. Pick the Right Plants

– choose plants that share the same growing needs like sun or shade

2. Stick with a theme

– one or two colors create plenty of excitement; find one anchor plant and build around it with medium-height and trailing plants

3. Drainage

– make sure the pot has open drainage holes to let excess water escape

4. Potting Soil

– use Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix; it has peat moss for optimum water retention

5. Watering and Care & Feed with Fertilizer

– water your container when the soil feels dry; use Fertilome Blooming Plant Food mixed in with the water to promote more beautiful blooms, lush green foliage, and stronger root development


For more information, or to book a garden party, you can contact Engh Gardens through their website at

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