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Kelcie Hansen

Give out teacher gifts that aren’t knickknacks! Here are 6 they can actually use

These teacher gifts are actually useful!

The end of the year is coming so quickly! We love our teachers and want to show them how much we appreciate them, but want to give them something they’ll actually use.

Kids activity creator, Kelcie Hansen, has some gift ideas that are cute, clever and totally practical. She says it’s all about the consumables, something teachers can use and enjoy, but won’t keep forever. They have enough knickknacks and mugs.

You can download all the tags for free here.

Find Kelcie on Instagram @readwritecolor and online at readwritecolor.com.


6 Teacher Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

“An Apple for Teacher” – Give apple snacks and drinks

“The Write Teacher for Me” – Give school supplies

“Relax in the Sun” – Give a beach towel, sunscreen, & magazine

“One for the Books” – Give with books for the classroom

“It’s a Real Treat Being in Your Class”/”The World Needs More Teachers Like You” – Gift Cards

“Simply the Best”-Give with Simply Lemonade

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