graduation balloon centerpiece

Graduation Balloon Centerpiece: This cute project takes less than 30 minutes

It won’t take you hours to put together this graduation balloon centerpiece.

The month of May slides us right into graduation season. When it comes to celebrating your student, you want to get personal and make a big splash. We’ve got a way to make a big impact at your teen’s graduation party for a few dollars and twenty minutes of your time!

Balloon artist Mary Leishman shares how to stack up your student’s school colors with a balloon centerpiece. You can customize table arrangements for any occasion, and these make great gifts for any big milestones like graduations birthdays, homecomings, etc. Making a table arrangement doesn’t take a lot of time! It should take less than 20 minutes on your first try.

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What You Need for a Graduation Balloon Centerpiece


  • 8 latex balloons
  • 1 foil balloon
  • string

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