Go-Anywhere Gift Wrap: Creative Cones

Emily Hover with Pioneer Party says paper cones can be any style, any size. She shows how to make them.

How to Make:

1. Choose your paper and cut into a perfect square (8.5″ x 8.5″ is the one we will be using)

2. Take one of the side corners and fold into the center. Repeat with the other side, lining up the bottom of the cone into a point.

3. Choose an embellishment… a die cut flower, star, buttons, and ribbon. Mix and match colors and patterns to create more interest

4. Staple the cone together, along with your die cut and ribbon – all at the same time!

5. Add a button or rhinestone in the center of flower.

6. If you want your cone to hang from a doorknob, hot glue or staple the ends of your ribbon inside the pocket.


-Use any size of paper… just has to be square!

-If you want a true cone shape, do not fold over the sides…

-Small cones can be used for little favors (bridal, baby, birthday) filled with mints or other small candy

-Medium sized cones can be used for gift cards, jewelry, treats, etc.

-Large sized cones can be used for t-shirts, notebooks, treats – anything you can fit!

-Be creative in choosing your paper… a gift card to Maggie Moos ice cream would be cute in black and white polka dotted paper

Get all of the wrappings and ideas for YOUR next party or celebration from Pioneer Party. They offer wrapping paper, gift baskets, theme gifts, favor bags, and all kinds of fun boutique gifts.

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