The Ribbon Challenge: Five Ways to Use Up Your Stash

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Idea Contributor Alisa Bangerter takes on “The Ribbon Challenge,” coming up with five fun ways to use up your stash.

There are so many fun possibilities for using ribbon. The same project can look totally different depending on the type, texture and design of ribbon you use. Be creative!

Ribbon Board

Paint a stretched canvas board (any size you choose) with acrylic paint. Let dry thoroughly. place assorted ribbons across the board, wrap the ribbon ends to back of board and pull tight. Staple each ribbon end to back of board using a staple gun. Place ribbons down board spaced approximately ½” apart. Attach a ribbon to hang. Use board as a message center to hold photos, notes and other memorabilia.

Candy Topiary

Purchase a pre-made topiary form or make your own by placing Styrofoam balls on a thick wood dowel. Place in a pot and weight with rocks, sand or Plaster of Paris if needed. Paint form if desired with acrylic paint and let dry. Attach wrapped candy using straight or greening pins. Loop ribbon pieces (between 4-5″ long) and attach among the candy using the pins. Use as a centerpiece. Decorate topiary to match or coordinate with a party theme or for a holiday or birthday. Also makes a great gift.

Large Ribbon Roses

To make a large ribbon rose, use wide wire edged ribbon approximately 1 – 1½ yards long. Pull the wire from one edge gathering the ribbon you go. Wind carefully and form into a rose shape. tack together with a thread and needle to hold. If desired, place a ribbon covered button, small jeweled pin or other item in the center. Attach rose to an alligator hair clip and clip on headbands, purses, belts, frames, gift packages, etc. Smaller roses also look great on cards, around a neckline of a t-shirt, etc. To make roses using non-wired ribbon, simply sew a loose basting stitch by hand or machine along one edge and pull threads to gather.

Wrapped Wood Frames

Wrap ribbon around the edges of a frame, threading through the center and covering entire edge of frame. You will not need to paint the frame but may need to tack the ribbon at corners if necessary. Hang the frame from a ribbon if desired. Embellish with tassels, ribbon roses, or other items. Larger ribbon works well for this. An option would be to cover the front of the frame with fancy or dimensional ribbon or actually frame beautiful ribbon itself instead of a photo.

Ribbon Chair

Purchase an old wood chair at a thrift store with a seat that can be recovered. Paint chair as desired. Lay ribbon across a piece of muslin or base fabric the size needed to cover the seat of the chair (remove wires from any wire-edged ribbon). Sew along edges of ribbon overlapping the pieces if necessary. Cover entire piece of fabric. (Option: weave the ribbon). Adhere fabric piece over seat and tack under securely. Place seat in chair. This would be a fun idea to change out the seat of the chair for holidays or regular home décor using appropriate ribbon.

Other Simple Ribbon Ideas:

• use ribbon as shoelaces
• use your computer to print on ribbon or use ink and rubber stamps to stamp on ribbon

• wrap a vase with ribbon

• decoupage ribbon onto frames, books, vases, etc.

• use ribbon to trim pillowcases, towels, jeans, lamps, pillows, etc.

• tie ribbon around napkins

• stack spools of ribbon and place serving dishes on them

• use ribbons as strings for balloons

• save small pieces of trimmed ribbon in a jar and over time you will have some unique confetti to use

• use ribbon loops to create a wreath

• loop ribbon along the edge of a baby blanket, the hem of a t-shirt or along the hem of capri jeans

• make a headband from ribbon

• make a tassel from ribbon

• sew ribbon on cards and scrapbook pages

• use ribbon to make a zipper pull

• make a ribbon bookmark and attach a tassel at the end

• create a table runner by stacking several pieces of ribbon of various widths

• use ribbon to make watchbands – purchase a watch face and give a gift with a variety of ribbons to use as the bands

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