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Got a quarantine pet? Here are 9 must-have products for first time pet owners

Did you get a quarantine pet in the past two months? These are the essentials you are going to need.

By Lauren Tippetts

Raise your hand if your family got a quarantine pet! One good thing that has come from all this is the addition of furry friends to many families. If you’ve found yourself the proud parent of a new dog or cat, these are some things you’ll want to consider investing in.

Quarantine Pet Essentials

Cat Scratching Post and Hammock, $26.99

If you don’t want your new kitty to scratch up the furniture, make sure you grab a scratching post. We love this option because it doubles as a little hammock they can snuggle up in!


Litter Genie, $17.99

The makers of Diaper Genie have done it again, but for your cat! Litter Genie locks away odors, and eliminates the need for daily trips to the trash can.


Pet Drinking Fountain, $40.49

Don’t worry about a standing water bowl getting dirty. Invest in a drinking fountain! Keep your pet hydrated with a constant flow of fresh water.


Self Cleaning Brush, $15.99

Getting into the warmer months, pets are going to be shedding a lot more. So brushing becomes even more important! This brush makes it easy to get all that hair out of the bristles. Press one button and you’re done!


Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent, $12.98

Puppies like to chew. So to help them break the habit, you’ll want to invest in some Bitter Apple. Just spray it on their favorite chewing spot and let it do the rest! Dogs don’t like the taste, so they’ll leave the corner of your favorite rug alone.


Pet Training Clicker, $6.99

Training is an important part of dog ownership, and a clicker is a great way to do it. Say you are working on sit. Say the command, show them how to do it, and click! Then quickly give them a treat. They will associate the sound of the clicker and the reward with the behavior.


Training the Best Dog Ever, $11.29

This book is a must-read for first time dog owners. Everything you need to know about training your pup is in these pages. By the end, your dog will be the best trained on the block!


Bark Box, $22

Bark Box is a fun subscription service for your dog! Each month you get a few toys and some new treats. If you have a big dog, they will probably go through their toys pretty quick, so this is a great way to replenish them. If you have a small dog, you can stock up on some good quality toys.


Dog Dental Care, $3.57

Brushing a dog’s teeth is a task, to be sure. But the alternative is spending upwards of $1000 for the vet to do it. Start early and your dog will get used to it, and it won’t be too much of a hassle!

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