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5 Ways to Support Local Businesses That Go Beyond a Purchase

We’re all looking for ways to support local businesses right now, so here are five ways you can help.

Many people are feeling the effects of this pandemic. But one group in particular could use the support of the community. Utah is full of really smart women running  smart businesses, so how can you help?

Lyn Johnson, with tech startup West Tenth, shares five ways we can support women running local businesses that go beyond just making a purchase.

Find more information about West Tenth at, or download the app.


  • Fantastic Advice! It should be mentioned that most of the profits of home-based businesses go directly back to her family and stay within the community. Soccer lessons, school activities, and other local businesses because she does know and participate in so much of the community.

  • Perfect suggestions on how to support entrepreneurs, especially if you can’t make a purchase!

  • I loved the tip about not asking for the friends and family discount. Can’t wait to support all the home-based businesses in our community.

  • West Tenth is literally genius- they make it so easy to support your local female entrepreneurs

  • I also love the part about being a real customer. There’s so much that goes into these crafts and services, it’s worth the price to have something special and made/done just for me! (which is probably still lower than the market value to be real). Such a great call out.

  • Great tips on how to support each other during these difficult times. Love the services I’ve tried in West Tenth!

  • Great advice for women with a home based business! As a woman in business support and sharing the word is what is needed. Thanks to Lyn and West Tenth for this opportunity.

  • I think this will be so awesome for women who want to make primary or side income with valuable services and a welcomed alternative to MLMs in Utah.

  • Love the app, I always try as a small business owner my first to spread my dollars where I live, love that they are helping home based talent thrive too!

  • I already have the West Tenth app and there are so many great businesses! I’m so impressed with the shops and this video was a good reminder of how to support them.

  • It’s so great to see what amazing talent is out there—and then know what we can do to support local businesses started by women.

  • West Tenth sounds amazing! I love that it makes it so easy to find locals to work with!

  • What great ideas for the community and a great idea for an app! It’s always nice to support the entrepreneurs around you and not get a unique product or service. Excellent interview.

  • Love the west tenth app, smart marketplace concept that will really make a difference! COVID really is the perfect timing for this app to take off.

  • I was just talking about W10th with a friend! I love that it features women owned small business! There are so many great businesses featured in the app. Can’t wait to see it grow in Utah.

  • Love this app. I especially love being able to support small business owners- I’m on this app every day!

  • Thank you for these practical tips! It’s so important for us to stay connected to our local communities and businesses. Love West Tenth’s mission.

  • Great tips for supporting community members during this difficult time. Love West Tenth and the services I’ve received from their storefronts!

  • Great tips! Supporting small, local businesses is so important for the economy, for generating unique products and services and to help out your neighbors. W10 is amazing too, by the way. I’m a storefront owner…love the personal attention the storefront owners provide!

  • Really interesting suggestions. I often over look home-based businesses for convenience sake. Good reminder to support locally-owned businesses.

  • What a fantastic way to reach out to our local family, friends, and city! A perfectly designed business for crises’s such as the corona virus. Support your local ladies!

  • As a store front owner on West Tenth I have the opportunity to connect with my community to promote my store front as well as many talented women from my community. Lyn is so supportive to all of us and in helping us to grow. I highly recommend West Tenth for supporting your local small businesses.

  • As a store front owner on West Tenth I have the opportunity to connect with my community to promote my store front as well as many talented women from my community. Lyn is so supportive to all of us and is helping us to grow. I highly recommend West Tenth for supporting your local small businesses.

  • I love the West Tenth app! It’s so true women in our communities are so creative and dialed into local needs. Love the reminder to support home businesses at this time.

  • i love this! i’m always looking for ways to support local entrepreneurs. i’m totally downloading the app.

  • Great interview! I’m so impressed by the way my fellow business owners have pivoted during this quarantine bringing workshops online. There is so much local creativity and this app brings these fantastic female driven businesses to the forefront. Well done!

  • Like the fact that you can support these home based business’s even if you cant quite afford their services at the moment.

  • I love everything about this! I couldn’t agree more that you can support local business not only financially but also through “liking” and commenting on social media posts. Thank you so much for touching on small women led business.

  • Great advice on how we can support women based local businesses. I love having an app that helps me find these local businesses. Thank you!

  • These are great tips, such fantastic ways to help local businesses especially when you can’t make a purchase. Love west tenth, it’s so fun to see what home- businesses are close!

  • West Tenth is a great digital marketplace if you are looking for crafted services and custom goods from people that live in your neighborhood.

  • Great advice and wonderful forum to promote women owned business. We need that part of our economy now more than ever.

  • What a positive good news story. Supporting local business is so important. These businesses all offer such special services that benefit our families and community. Highly recommend

  • Great tips on supporting home-based business. I love the concept on of being a true customer. So important for people to remind that when we shop local, our dollars reach more than that one business. The dollars are reinvested into the local economy through dance classes, sports programs and more.