Great Fall Camp Grounds


Although the weather in the Northern part of the state is starting to cool down, temperatures in the South are perfect this time of year.

Because of the beautiful time of year, and the upcoming fall break, we asked the State Parks Department to compile their top five picks for weekend camping getaways.

The first camp ground is Snow Canyon State Park (near St. George) at this park you can hike, star-gaze, relax or go on a guided scorpion hunt.

The next park they suggested was isn’t too far from snow canyon. It is Sand Hollow State Park (near Hurricane) at this park you can fish, swim, picnic, boat, or ride an ATV or do them all!

Next is Kodachrome Basin State Park (near Bryce Canyon. Once again, you can Hike, explore the back country, take pictures or just enjoy the solitude during this time of year. Incidentally, the lighting in the parks during the Fall is spectacular for picture taking. You’ll feel like a real pro while shooting pictures of some of the most beautiful areas in the state..

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park in Escalante is another great place to go camping.

– At this park you can Hike through the Petrified Forest, enjoy the scenery and even visit the nearby Anasazi State Park and Museum to view some of the ancient ruins. This trip is great for learning more about Utah History and the Native Americans that lived in this area.

And lastly, is the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park near Kanab.- take the boardwalk out onto the big dunes and capture the beauty of the area and the amazingly pink sand.

This is just a sampling of all the great campsites we have in the state.

For more information about these and all the other state parks in the state go to or call 1-877-UT-PARKS.

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