Hair Habits to Stop

For most of us, hair is a practice of habit. We often cut it the same way, color it the same way, style it the same. But there are a few hair habits that it’s time to say goodbye to.

Stylist Brandi Holdaway with Salon O is here with six things we should STOP doing, when it comes to our hair.

1. Stop cutting your own bangs. Most salons will do free band trims.

2. Stop having unrealistic expectations of your own hair. Accept what you have and work with that.

3. Stop not maintaining your hair. If you’re going to color your hair, maintain it. Grown out color looks worse than no color at all.

4. Stop back combing your hair. Doing this constantly causes damage and breakage.

5. Stop using flat irons and curling irons without putting a heat protectant on first.

6. Stop using unprofessional products. You spend a lot on your color and, if want to maintain it, you need to invest in products that will help you – not products that make it fade.

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