Hair Repair: Stronger, Healthier and Shinier Hair

It’s what every woman is after (next to a great pair of jeans and that perfect
fitting swimsuit, of course!): strong, healthy and shiny hair.

Stylist Brandi Holdaway with Salon O shares simple ways to strengthen your

It’s a question clients ask me every day: how can I strengthen my hair?
Particularly if you’re a blonde, and like to lay on the heat when styling, this
can be a tough one. Here are a few simple ways to help strengthen your hair:

Having healthy hair starts with having a healthy scalp. Don’t wash your hair
every day, limit your washes to every other day or every two days. Your
natural oils are good for improving the strength of your hair.

Stylist Suggestion: Phytopollen ($32.00) is an essential oil that is
used for dry
hair and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Everyone needs to deep condition their hair at least once a week. Coloring,
blow drying, and using heating tools, and all can compromise the integrity of
your hair. There are many types of conditioners so talk to your stylist about
the one that is best for your individual hair needs.

Stylist Suggestion: Nector Oil is a protein based deep conditioner
extremely compromised hair. Use it once a week; not good for freshly
colored hair. I also like the NouNou Pak is a vegetable protein deep
conditioner that contains moisture and protein. Use once or twice a week
depending on the level of damage.

The best thing that you can do for your hair is to take the time and give it
some TLC, yanking your hair or using the wrong tools and brushes you can
actually be doing harm to it. Protecting your hair from damaging heat is an
important step, especially for blondes.

Stylist Suggestion: Staying Alive ($18.00) is a leave-in conditioner
protects from heat styling and helps detangle hair. I also like the Melu Serum
($22.00). It’s a protein serum that is activated by heat; it’s best used before
using a flat or curling iron.

Not all products are made equal; people need to make sure that they are
using the correct products for their hair type and texture.

Prenatal vitamins are good because they are giving your body more of the
nutrients it needs, but they don’t actually make your hair grow faster. Hair
records your health in every strand, so the better your overall health the
more beautiful and strong your hair will be.

Stylist Suggestion: Headrush ($16.99) is a weightless shine spray
that will
help you fake the sheen you see in magazines.

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