Hallway Help

We all have them – but what do we do with them? Designer Lauren Oviatt
offers a little “hallway help,” sharing five ideas to help make the most of that
small, narrow space.

Hallways. We all have them but what do we do with them? Whether you have
an expansive entry corridor, gracious staircase wall or a narrow back hallway,
today designer Lauren Oviatt gives us her insider ideas to bring out the
‘WOW’ you never knew you had.

1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Most hallways are four feet wide… and most people walk right down the
center, only a foot and a half from the wall on either side. Framed art or
pictures in a hallway need to be appropriately sized so they can be noticed
and appreciated. Anything too big will just feel oppressive in such a small

*Rule of Thumb: Stay within the range of 4×6 and 18×20 image size.

2. Go Linear

This tip is no fail – choose five identical frames and place them horizontally
along your hallway. It both simplifies and lengthens your hallway in one
simple step. For a true ‘art gallery’ look – center the pictures 56 inches from
the floor.

3. Keep Frames Similar

One of my favorite looks is a gallery wall or photo grouping in which all the
frames are the same color. Choose black if you are feeling dramatic and play
around with different styles of frames. If a classic palette is what you’re
going for choose all white frames, or for a little something extra, choose
frames that are gilt in gold or silver. It just doesn’t get any more timeless.

4. Seek the ‘End of Hallway’ Opportunity

All hallways must come to an end. If you’re lucky enough to have a wall at
the end of yours instead of a door, that is another opportunity for a adding
charm and personality to your home. One of the oldest tricks is to place a
good-sized mirror at the end of the hallway – it expands a usually small
space and magnifies any natural or incandescent light sources nearby. It’s
no fail. If you have a bit more space to fill, think about a low-profile bench
or console table that you can accessorize.

5. Break Outside the Box

Hallways and other secondary spaces are a great place to have fun with
things you feel might be too crazy elsewhere in the house. Use bright
colored frames, hang collections of letters or other sculptural pieces you
love. Frame your kids art pieces or other sentimental things to create a
special collage.

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