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Heading to the Happiest Place on Earth? These 9 Disney tips will make all the difference

Don’t head to the parks without some expert Disney tips!

If you’re gearing up to take on Disneyland for spring break, having a solid plan of attack can make the experience that much more magical. From arrival times to the first rides to head to, we’ve got you covered with tips from our new friend and Disney guide.

Kelsie Buhl shares her approach to the parks, and her best Disney tips, for every age and stage.

To get more ideas and tips from Kelsie, you can follow her on Instagram at @kelsieishappy.


Kelsie’s Disney Tips

Disneyland with Babies/Toddlers

  1. Preparation is key. What does this look like?

Snacks GALORE. Line entertainment prepared (bubble wand, stickers, snacks, marching etc.). Mental state preparation “It’s Disneyland, not a museum”.

  1. Get there early, 30 minutes before opening.

If you’re starting at DCA, start at Pixar Pier. If you are starting at Disneyland, start at Tomorrowland or Fantasyland.

  1. Take a break.

I know it seems lame to take a break when you’ve paid all that money. BUT. Get there at opening, nap 2-6pm (busiest hottest time at the park) then go HARD until close because lines are shorter from 10-midnight.



Disneyland with Older Kids/Adults

  1. Pay for Genie Plus (and know how to use it!)

Especially if you’re doing a special, once every few years trip.

  1. Become a foodie! (Don’t forget mobile order)

There are SO many different food options other than pizza and burgers. Pork Belly at Bengal grill. Breakfast Chimichanga, YUM. Shrimp Po Boy at the French Market. Have fun with food!!

3. Make the line fun.

I always grab popcorn or a snack for the line, then I force my group to play my favorite line games.

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