Happy Home: Loving Laundry

Happy Home: Loving Laundry

It seems the laundry basket is always full. When you think of Laundry, do
the words heavy, dirty, or inconvenient come to mind? In Cedar Hills, one
family uses laundry to bring them all together.

Studio 5 contributor Jill Grover shows us why their lovely laundry makes a
Happy Home.

Have you incorporated a decorating idea or design element that draws a
reaction every time guests visit your home? Maybe it’s the living room wall
you turned into a chalkboard … the display of eclectic maps that line your
hallway … or the charming chandelier you fashioned from old teacups.
They’re the decorating details that put a smile on your face every time you
pass them by and we want you to share them with us. If that is the Happy
Home of you or someone you know, submit your idea by clicking the
Happy Home button at our website.

Peek in on more of Elyse’s Happy Home at: www.lovingyourspace.org

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