Harmons: Tips for a Moist Turkey

Randy Harmon and Chef Robert Bryant, from Harmons share some tips for baking a moist turkey.

1- Rub the skin and cavity thoroughly with softened butter. You      may season it if you want.

2- Do not stuff the bird. In order to bring a stuffing to a safe      eating temperature, it is necessary to overcook the meat. Cook      your stuffing in a separate baking dish.

3- The dark meat needs to be cooked to 180 degrees and the      breast to 165 degrees. To achieve this, either cook the turkey      breast side down for the first hour and a half and then turn it      over or place an aluminum foil shield over the breast meat for      the first hour and a half.

4- Cook your turkey slow and low. 300 degrees for the first      2-21/2 hours, depending on the size of the bird, and then to      brown the skin increase to 375 for the remaining cooking time.

5- Lastly, let the turkey sit out for ½ hour before carving. This will      allow for the juices to settle in the meat and not run out.

In addition, this is the time of year when Harmons helps out those who are less fortunate and might need some extra food or a turkey for the holidays.

• It’s time for Harmons 13th Annual Gift for a Gift Thanksgiving    Turkey Drive, Nov. 1st- 21st.

• Buy a $10 turkey gift certificate at any Harmons’ cash register to    help buy turkeys for Utah’s needy families. Harmons will match    your donations up to $10,000. We’ll also give you a receipt for    your tax deduction.

• Harmons also sells pre-bagged meal essentials in $10 Food for    Families Bags that shoppers can buy and drop in handy Utah    Food Bank barrels at the front of Harmons’ stores.

• The money raised will go toward purchasing turkeys for    Thanksgiving for the Utah Food Bank to deliver to local food    pantries including the Crossroads Urban Center, the Dixie Care    and Share in St. George, and other organizations in Orem and    Ogden. (Last year Harmons was able to purchase 8,000 turkeys    with the community’s help, so we hope to meet that goal again    this year.)

• Harmons’ yearly “Gift for a Gift” charitable drive provides    thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys to Utah families who are    struggling financially.

• Need in the community:
   o The Utah Food Bank has experienced a 40% increase in       requests for food statewide.
   o 42% of individuals served last year through Utah Food Bank’s       statewide network were children.
   o One in 7 Utah children is at risk of hunger.
   o Utah is ranked 4th in the nation for the highest rate of food       insecurity.

• We’re very grateful to the community for its support of our family    business. We continue to work to support the community    throughout the year and we wish all our friends and neighbors    a very happy Thanksgiving.

For more information, you can visit www.harmonsgrocery.com

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