The New Generation of Lunch Bags

Studio 5 Contributor Kiersten Blanchard shares some of her favorite picks.

Koko Man’s Lunch Bag – $16.97

Favorite feature: Slim design is perfect size to fit into briefcase, which means it’s one less thing to carry

• Size: 10 x 7.5 x 2.5″
• nylon exterior and aluminized mylar lining keeps food cool and    wipes clean easily

Thermos Bento Lunch Box – $24.97

Favorite feature: Keeps food hot or ice cold up to 24 hours

• Size: 7″H x 5.5″D
• Double unbreakable stainless steel
• two separate microwaveable plastic food containers that stack    on top of each other or use as a thermos without containers

Colorful Klip-It Lunch Cube – $4.99

Favorite feature: Keeps food in separate compartments from getting smashed and is environmentally friendly (saves on the plastic baggies)

• Size: 5 5/8″ x 5 5/8″ x 3 3/4″
• Airtight, rubberized, silicone seal
• Refrigerator-, freezer-, top rack dishwasher- and    microwave-safe

Patterned Neoprene Gourmet Getaway Tote – $24.99

Favorite feature: Insulating neoprene material accommodates many shapes and sizes of food and beverage containers, keeping them warm or cool

• Size: 12 ½” x 12″
• Gusseted base allows the tote to stand upright
• Zippered closure

Box Appétit and Lunch Box Tote Bag – $27.50 (box), $8.75 (tote)



Favorite feature: Create your own clean eating surface. Tote opens for use as a mini blanket or placemat for dining

• Size: 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.15″ (11″ x 11″ tote)
• Sauce pot, inner and outer dish allow you to split foods when    only a portion needs to be put in microwave
• Lid locks tight to the body for a water-tight seal. Lid also    features a sauce dipping area, perfect for soy sauce, ketchup,    etc.

Bento Box in Lunch Date Set – $24.99 (box), $46.99 (set)

Favorite Feature: One large unit holds five fun removable inner containers that can accommodate a variety of food sizes.

• Size: 9″ x 7″ x 2 ¼ (10″ x 7″ x 6″ tote)
• 3 sealable lids prevent wet foods from leaking onto other foods.    Great for dips!
• Includes a set of all-stainless utensils, and The Laptop Lunch    User’s Guide

2 Bento Dividers – $3.99

Favorite Feature: Great for those who already have a container but want more individual compartments

• Size: 2″H x 1.5″W
• Made of silicon and are easy to clean
• Great for berries, olives, cookies, crackers, beans, nuts, and    much more

Bottle Top Caps – $5.99

Bed Bath & Beyond or

Favorite Feature: Helps avoid spills of open soda cans on your work surface

• Fits most beverage cans
• Washable for reuse
• Keeps drinks carbonated longer

KOKO Lunch Bags – 18.39-24.99

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Favorite Feature: Finally a lunch bag that is functional AND stylish. It looks like a purse, but will keep your food cool until you’re ready to eat!

• Varied sizes
• All bags are 20% off during Fall Sale
• Go to and search “koko lunch” for complete    selection!

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