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Hate asparagus? You’re probably not cooking it right! Try these 3 summer recipes…

If you hate asparagus, you should try these cooking methods.

It’s one superstar of the veggie world! Asparagus is an elegant addition to every plate, and done right, it’s very delicious.

Chef Nettie Frank shares her expertise on all things asparagus.

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How to Make Asparagus the Right Way

Preparing Asparagus

When preparing asparagus, Nettie likes to keep the bottom elastic on. It’s a game-changer when you cut the ends off of your asparagus, so you don’t have loose stubs rolling around the kitchen.
When trimming asparagus ends, Nettie suggests that you grab both ends of the asparagus and bend it. The asparagus will naturally break where it’s ripe, so you can easily find the good part.

Cooking Asparagus

The Shocking Method
When cooking asparagus, Nettie likes to use the “shocking” method. Bring a pot of water to boil and prepare a bowl of ice water. Drop your prepared asparagus in the boiling water. Leave it in the boiling water for about 30 seconds to cook, and then take the asparagus out and drop it in the ice water.
Nettie says the shocking method is beneficial because it shocks all of the nutrients to stay inside of the asparagus. Cooking it to the perfect crunch, it’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the goodness of the asparagus in while still cooking your veggie. She says you can also try the shocking method on other green veggies!

Watch for Color

Nettie advises that a lot of people tend to overcook their asparagus. She says that you want to watch for the vibrant bright green, as when it turns to an army green, all of the nutrients are gone. Nettie says you want to keep it the natural asparagus color, but shiny.

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