Health Mart Pharmacies: Compounding Medications

Health Mart Pharmacies: Compounding Medications

Compounding means having a qualified pharmacy ‘compound’ or make a prescription for a patient that is not commercially available. Some Health Mart Pharmacists can customize a medicine suited just for your needs.

Christine Jacobson from Wasatch Health Mart talks about the benefits of Compounding.

Before mass production of medications became normal, compounding was a routine activity among pharmacists. Community pharmacists who have experience with compounding techniques are now less common.

If you have a unique need, a compounding pharmacy can mix your drugs to fit your circumstances.

For example- a pediatric patient that has a heart condition and cannot swallow pills or capsules (the usual way heart medications are made thru pharmaceutical companies) a compounding pharmacy can compound into a pediatric dose liquid palatable for the patient. Or can compound liquid infant drops for acid reflux for newborn babies suffering from gastrointestinal distress.

Hospice patients who are at the end of life and can no longer swallow a compounding pharmacist can make them liquids or transdermal gels/creams.

Wasatch HealthMart Pharmacy is one of your compounding HealthMart pharmacies

Another is Staley’s HealthMart in St George.

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