Staying Sun Safe

Staying Sun Safe

It’s the best anti-wrinkle advice out there: avoid the sun! But you can still get a bronzed summer glow the healthy way.

Dr. Steve Jepson explains and offers sun protection tips for summer.

Since May is National Melanoma Awareness Month and because summer is on its way, I thought this would be a good chance to review the importance of protecting ourselves from too much sun. Because of the nature of my cosmetic medical practice, I always remind people about the pro-aging effects of the sun. Lasers, fillers, and Botox can help repair some of that damage, but prevention should always be foremost in people’s mind. And on a more serious note, Melanoma is the #1 cause of cancer death in women ages 20-40, but is mostly preventable by avoiding excessive UV exposure – starting in childhood.

Sunscreen Tips

Apply sunscreen daily no matter what. Even on cloudy days and even if you are only in your car – UV gets through clouds and widows

Apply every few hours if prolonged exposure

I recommend 30 spf. Anything higher doesn’t add a lot of extra protection. But if you are depending on the spf 15 in your makeup, it’s probably not enough

Make sure your sunscreen protects against both types of UV rays – UVA and UVB. The packaging will say what type of protection is offered.

Don’t forget to protect your kids. They are usually outside more than you are, and for longer periods of time, too

Mineral sunscreen brushes are gaining popularity and are easy to use through the day

Tanning Tips

Avoid purposefully tanning either by “laying out” or spending time in tanning beds.

Self-tanners have improved significantly in recent years. Use a self-tanner if you want a tanned appearance. Xen-Tan is the best-selling brand that we carry in my office. The color with Xen-Tan products looks natural (rather than orange) and it doesn’t have that weird self-tanner smell.

Any type of tan, whether real or “fake”, will not protect you from new UV damage. You still need to wear sunscreen with a tan.

During May, all of our sunscreen products are on sale for 15% off

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