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Those changes include medications that offer promise as well.

Christine Jacobson, with Wasatch Health Mart Pharmacy in Ogden, gives some ideas on what you can do.

Even researchers disagree about the best measure of low sex drive in women. Perfectly normal women vary greatly in their desire for sex and their views about the optimal amount of sex. Besides, the number of times you have sex each week isn’t necessarily a good measure of your libido. There are reasons such as fatigue, stress, poor body image or lack of emotional intimacy.

Here are some suggestions from Wasatch Health Mart Pharmacy on what it can do to help.

First, medical statistics now show low libido in women is usually 50% psychological and 50% hormonally imbalanced. In men, it’s usually due to hormone deficiences or imbalances. The majority of women tend to relate sexual intimacy with relationships and feelings. For them, bonding and closeness is a key ingredient to optimal sexual desire.

Several things to consider in increasing sexual desire for women:

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Number one consideration to help with a low libido is hormonal balance and harmony, taking into account estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Each hormone is important for sexual desire and peformance. Lack or deficiencies in any one or a combination of either is very important. The optimal treatment recommended by Health Mart Pharmacy is “bio-identical hormone replacement therapy” plus a look at changing current medications regimens you may be taking such as anti-depressants, high blood pressure medicine, sleep aides and pain medications.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a special service provided by Wasatch Health Mart Pharmacy in Ogden where your personal doctor and the pharmacist at Wasatch work in tandem by collecting your blood, urine and saliva samples and creating a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy based exclusively to your personal make-up.

Psychological issues

There are also psychological issues dealing with how a woman feels about herself including increased stress (which can also affect hormone imbalances); sleep deprivation, and mental conflicts with her partner. You should consider treatment with a sexual therapist, psychologist or any other health care provider trained in intimate counseling.

Other important tips

Here are other ideas to consider: enhance a positive relationship with respect and admiration; increase pheramones; eat cruciferous vegetables to increase androgen hormones; sleep at least 6-7 hours nightly uninterrupted; exercise, such as yoga and pilates; don’t smoke and take a good multiple vitamine supplement; increase antioxidants and find spiritual tranquility.

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