MD Diet: Thanksgiving Dinner “Lite”

The secret is that mostly protein-based foods can counteract the fattening foods in your Thanksgiving feast and this protein can help to safeguard against weight gain.

Jared Lundahl, owner of the MD Diet store in Orem, talks about tips on how you can avoid gaining weight and still enjoy the holidays with delicious foods.


• NEVER go shopping on an empty stomach.

• NEVER go to a party on an empty stomach.

o Before you leave home, drink a protein shake or drink.

o Then you will watch the things you nibble so it doesn’t go straight to your hips.

o The protein will break down the carbs if you do nibble.

• When you are cooking:

o Have a protein drink, cottage cheese or string cheese prior so you won’t nibble.

• Never space dessert, eat it directly after a meal. Based on a high protein meal you will:

o Eat less dessert.

o Leave more on your plate.

o More of the calories of the dessert will be burned because you have just consumed the protein.

• Never go to bed after eating, try:

o Wait a minimum of 4 hours is best.

o Go for a walk if you can.

o Wrestle with the kids.

o Could get heartburn if you don’t wait at least the 4 hours.

• If you aren’t getting enough protein from a meal, keep an MD Diet Fruit Drink packet in your purse. It will add protein to your meal and it tastes like Crystal Lite. It will keep you from nibbling. It will also help break down carbs.

Thanksgiving Dinner Protein Food Suggestions:

Lean turkey or ham are fine.

Do not use garbanzo beans.
In place of croutons use soy nuts or soy snacks.
Use cubed meat or shrimp.
Use vinegar & oil as a dressing, you will get good fats you don’t normally get enough of.

Use Cauliflower instead of potatoes, mix with Calorie Countdown Milk (available at Harmon’s) and seasonings. It tastes very similar to and is a great substitute for mashed potatoes.

MD Diet’s Cream of Chicken Soup can be thickened with gelatin or cornstarch.

MD Diet’s protein pudding comes in chocolate, banana or cheesecake flavors

MD Diet has ready-made pies for sale, or you can purchase a pie kit and make it yourself.


You can make your own jello salad recipes with Protein Jello available at MD Diet. To make high protein jello, get MD Diet’s Protein Jello and mix with a regular sugar free/fat free Jello. Upping the protein makes it less fattening than regular Jello.

MD Diet Protein Pie

Any graham cracker pie crust from the store

8 oz. fat free/sugar free cream cheese, softened Add
1/2 cup fat free/sugar free Cool Whip Line the bottom of the pie crust with protein pudding filler (available at your nearest MD Diet store)

Top with fat free/sugar free Cool Whip

Grams of protein: 100

To learn more about MD Diet, just go to their website at or call at (801) 293-3100. And … if you mention you heard this Studio 5 segment, MD Diet will give you 25% of a new patient visit!

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