Help for Auto-Immune Diseases

Approximately 50 million Americans, 20 percent of the population or one in
five people, suffer from autoimmune diseases. Women are more likely than
men to be affected; some estimates say that 75 percent of those affected–
some 30 million people–are women. Still, with these statistics,
autoimmunity is rarely discussed as a women’s health issue.

Dr. Joshua Redd, Chiropractic Physician and Endocrine Specialist specializes
in helping patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

Someone suffering from an autoimmune disease might experience the
following symptoms:

Fatigue, stomach pain, joint pain, chronic headaches, swelling, hair loss,
inability to lose weight, anxiety, insomnia etc.

We haveTH-17 cells in our body which is a nightmare for autoimmune
patients. When these cells increase 2 things will happen. 1) they will have
more tissue destruction occur and 2) it will promote inflammation
throughout the whole body which will in turn cause more symptoms and
physiological problems.

A patient will have multiple physiological triggers that will cause these cells
to increase. As we decrease all these triggers we start to tame the
autoimmune disease immensely from destroying tissue at a rapid pace and
we are able to teach them and educate them on how to keep it tamed once all
the triggers are corrected.

Most of these autoimmune patients are suffering greatly before they see us
and we are able to turn their life around and teach them how to keep it
tamed for the rest of their life.

If you would like more information, you can contact Dr. Redd at
or (801) 446-2822.

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