Helpful Homework Apps

Homework can be hard on students and parents. But with some high tech help, your kids can develop the study skills they need for life.

Communications Specialist Libbi Malmborg with the Synergistic Learning Center shares her tried and true apps for homework.

Homework is intended to build a skill, test a skill, or learn something new. At its best it can be engaging, promote learning and curiosity, and can teach students about time management and self-discipline. In order to complete homework independently students need to develop study “skills.” These are those learned abilities which enable students to plan, initiate, record, organize, encode, access, and apply information on their own. There is no app that can do homework for you. Just like a fancy watch that will track your mileage, time, laps, pace, etc., an app will help you keep track of what is happening, but it cannot do the work for you. Apps are merely tools to help organize and promote understanding and use of certain practices. Above all we need to help our students establish and rehearse good habits (organization, self evaluation and goal setting, note taking, reading for meaning, listening, sustaining attention, and time management abilities) and when appropriate offer an app or two to promote these habits. Good habits empower students to manage the demands of school and eventually other environments and challenges.

Let’s take a look at some general tried and true homework strategies:

Keep a homework log:

Establish routines:
Help students get into the habit of placing things in the same spot (books, backpacks, assignments), studying in the same place, and at the same time.

· Use CheckList (available on multiple platforms) – this reminds checklists for home, school and supplies.

Take notes and use Visualization strategies:
Paper App (

Practice explaining or describing a concept using a voice recorder like iTalk Recorder to say outloud and listen back. This can also be used to record lectures for students.

Have references handy:
Flashcards Deluxe (

– Make study/review cards with this great app.
Libbi Malmborg, M.S. CCC-SLP / 801.810.9145
Libbi is a speech-language pathologist and founder of the Children’s
Synergistic Learning Collaborative.

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