Pinterest Roulette

Pinterest is a favorite among crafters, because of all the amazing do it yourself projects and crafts. But are all of those projects you’ve been pinning worth trying or are they a bust?

Studio 5 challenged some familiar faces to the show to try what we call “Pinterest Roulette”.

Frankie Corrigan/Morning Radio Host on KZHT, 97.1

· We asked Frankie to make these Cheese Heads popping up all over Pinterest, from Family Fun to Mon Carnet (

Photo Credit: Mon Carnet

Bre Phelps/Blogger, Chikkaboom (

· We asked Bre to try to recreate an amazing Rosette Garland from the etsy site Lylle Syster. ( You can custom order garlands for events like weddings and other parties.

Tristan Lloyd/Blogger, Chikkaboom (

· We asked Tristan to make these beautiful paper orchids. You simply download the printable pattern from the site Ellinee journal, and fold.

Kami Wastson/Blogger, Sweet Charli (

· Kami tried turning toilet paper rolls into cute little pillow boxes. The idea originally came from the blog

Photo Credit: The Paper Art Studio

Jay and Amy from The Brower

· We asked Jay and Amy to figure out how to make cool nail designs and then transfer them to your nails! We found this idea on

Photo Credit: Oh So Pretty

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