Hip Handmade Neighbor Gifts

Designer Kristine McKay shares her favorite hip handmade neighbor gifts!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments around $.050

What you need:
1. Pearl Christmas ornament
2. Piece of ribbon
3. Button or embellishment

4. Monogram sticker or die cut (stickers, or adhesive gems, or vinyl die-cuts from your electronic die cutting machine)

Optional: a wire ornament tag and some decorative beads to make an ornament hanger
(variations: either do a monogram, last name, or icon that represents that person. For example, a pair of sewing scissors for my Mother-in-law who loves to sew, a silhouette shape of your children for grandma, or you can simply do a generic holiday related theme)

Book of Cookies under $5

What you need:
1. Paper Mache’ book
2, My free download
3. Coordinating patterned paper
4. Gold spray paint
5. Cookies

Christmas ornament charms $2

What you need:
1. A small gift box or tin
2. Decorative paper to decorate box
3. Either pre-made wire Christmas ornament hangers or wire to make your own
4. Assortment of beads
5. Ribbon

Personalized etched glass containers under $5

What you need:
1. Glass container (a bowl, pie plate, glass jars you’ve recycled)
2. Stencil (I used my Cricut and vinyl but you can purchase pre-made ones)
3. Etching Cream
4. Ribbon

Photo or ornament stand under $10 ($5 if you purchase at Hobby Lobby)

What You Need:
1. Wooden candlestick
2. Wooden finial
3. 4″ wooden circle
4. Wooden dowel
4. Wooden 1/2″ ball
5. Paint

Christmas morning emergency kit $5 (items purchased at the Dollar Store)

What You Need:
1. Container
2. Pack of batteries
3. Set of small screwdrivers
4. Pair of scissors or a Swiss army knife
5. Empty garbage sack (for all the wrapping paper)

Check out more of Kristine’s projects at www.kmckaydesigns.com

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