Holly’s Picks & Tricks for Preserving Your Hair Color

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shares her picks & tricks for long lasting color.

1) Don’t blow-dry hair every single day. If you can get away with it, wash and blow dry every 2-3 days.

2) When styling heat (curling iron, flat iron, hot curlers), use a heat protectant product. Just 3-4 sprays can not only help your color from fading, it can help protect your hair from the heat.

Try: Nexxus Y Serum Restorative Treatment, $19.99, Taylor Maid

3) Red is the hardest color to maintain. Regardless of the tips you choose to follow, this shade will change almost from shampoo to shampoo. Don’t be alarmed by the rapid fade.

4) Have your colorist give you a deep conditioning treatment immediately after getting your hair colored. This helps to protect the hair shaft and prevent premature fading.

5) Stay out of the sun or wear a hat. The sun will fade any hair color much quicker.

6) Use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair. It is gentler.

Try: Keratonics Hydrating Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing conditioner, $20.00, www.neways.com

7) Deep Condition your hair once a week. This helps with moisture retention which allows the hair to hold onto the color longer.

Try: Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Seal, $4.49, Wal-mart

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