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Fresh Home Design Trends: 3 from the High Point trade show to look out for

These are the up and coming home design trends.

In the world of fashion and home décor, trends ebb and flow, and for those with a keen eye for design, staying updated is essential.

Lauren Oviatt recently returned from the largest furnishings trade show globally, High Point. This trade show is to interior design what fashion week is to the catwalk, and it’s a place where the design world comes alive. Lauren gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the latest trends and what we can expect to see gracing our homes in the coming months.

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3 Home Design Trends from the High Point Trade Show

High Point is an extravaganza of furniture vendors, accessory companies, lighting innovators, and more, showcasing the latest in home décor. For Lauren, this event is a blend of fun and work.

Color Trends: Moody Aubergine, Vibrant Yellow, and Soothing Green

One of the standout trends Lauren noticed was the return of color. Moody hues like aubergine, plum, and cranberry red were making a strong appearance. However, while these colors might be captivating at first glance, they might not have the staying power to dominate entire room designs. The best use of aubergine may be as an accent in guest rooms or decorative pillows.

Yellow, though polarizing, was another color trend. When used as a solid and paired with lighter tones, such as antique washed woods and ivories, it can create a sophisticated and cheerful aesthetic.

Emerald green and other variations of this color were also spotted. Green and blue are increasingly overtaking classic blue and white schemes in interior design. Soft jade and silver sage tones, paired with neutrals, create soothing, timeless looks that can complement various décor styles.

Emerging Design Styles: Greek Revival and Equestrian

Lauren shared some emerging design styles, including Greek Revival and Equestrian. Greek Revival takes inspiration from the architectural forms of ancient Greece and Rome. It’s classic, formal, and offers a sense of historical charm. While Equestrian style is more English than Western, it features warm, cheerful tones and elements associated with horseback riding.

Warm Neutrals: Timeless and Versatile

One trend that Lauren finds particularly exciting is the return of warm neutrals. This palette includes shades like camel, cafe au lait, and ivory. These tones create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. By focusing on textures, fabric choices, and finishes, you can make the most of this color scheme.

Lauren emphasizes that trends, like those in the fashion world, are a matter of personal taste. What’s essential is to choose what you love, and as you decorate, let the architecture and feel of your home guide you.

With a glimpse into High Point’s design trends, you can look forward to incorporating fresh colors, styles, and palettes into your home, creating a space that is as unique as you are. Remember, in design, the most important trend is your own personal style and happiness.

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