Homeless Trust Fund

Homelessness is not what you picture. The fastest growing segment of Utah’s homeless population is families and children.

Pamela Atkinson is a community activist who has helped to organize the Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund aimed at ending chronic homelessness and reducing overall homelessness.

Homelessness affects communities all across our state. These are our neighbors. 74% of individuals and 88% of families experiencing homelessness lived in Utah prior to becoming homeless. Most homelessness is a result of short term crises such as job loss, health issues, divorce or lack of affordable housing. With a little intervention their homelessness can be ended quickly. 38% of those experiencing homelessness stay less than 7 days in shelter and 67 % stay less than six weeks.

Families are the fastest growing segment of our homeless population and children have
represented the greatest increase in homelessness.
Family homelessness comprises 45% of Utah’s homeless population. Most families are in Emergency Shelters less than 30 days due to our partner’s efforts to rehouse them.

The Solutions

. Utah has a ten year plan to end chronic homelessness and reduce overall homelessness by 2014.

. Funds for the Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund pay for the following services:

. Emergency Shelter
. Transitional Housing
. Permanent Supportive Housing
. Case Management

. Outreach Services from the fund are focused on providing cost effective solutions to ending homelessness.

For example, providing housing to the chronically homeless with case management
provides for a savings of $8,000 for each client placed.

What can Utahns do to help?

Each Taxpayer can make a contribution to the Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund on their State Individual Income Tax Form.

. Remember to make your donation on line 28A
. Use Code 02
. Specify the amount of donation

For more information, visit http://housing.utah.gov/scso/pahtf

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