Hot Tomato


Easy to grow, even better to eat, tomatoes rule the garden!

Celebrate the “Year of the Tomato” by growing your own.

Get expert advice on how to grow great-tasting tomatoes!

Utah State University horticulturist, Jerry Goodspeed, shares his top tomato picks, plus a new way to grow great tasting tomatoes!

Jerry’s Top Tomato Picks:

1. Favorite for Eating Right Off the Vine: Sweet 100’s or Mexico Midget

2. Favorite for Sauces and Salsa: Celebrity, but any tomato will do.

3. Favorite for Sandwiches and Burgers: Fantastic, Big Boy, Brandywine

4. Favorite for Salads: Stupice and Sunsugar

5. Favorite for Early Eating: Early Girl

Favorite Heirloom tomatoes: Stupice, Hungarian Heart, Brandywine, Mexico Midget.

Tomato Planting Tips:

· Don’t plant too early unless you are going to protect tomato plants.

· Plant on or after May 12th.

· Provide a healthy, deep, soil with good organic matter.

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