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Something New Challenge: Sewing Patterns

Something New Challenge: Sewing Patterns

They might be out of fashion. But vintage sewing patterns are oh so in vogue for a party theme.

Amy Dalley, Blogger at This & That, took the Studio 5 Something New challenge, fashioned a totally new mother-daughter tea party theme using vintage sewing patterns.

Spring is the perfect time to get all dressed up and celebrate with friends and family! This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous tea party for a cousin’s 40th birthday party. It was AMAZING! Having tea with these fun women reminded me of a favorite Spring time tradition the girls in my family celebrated the whole time I was growing up… The Annual Lions Club Mother and Daughter Tea. We would invite our grandmas, get all dressed up in our Easter dresses and have a fabulous afternoon! The thing that makes it extra special is the fact that there was always a photographer there to take everyone’s picture. Some years this is the only family picture we would have taken. I have kept these and love to look back and laugh at all of our fashion disasters and awkward stages.

This really is a special memory, so when I was asked to create something new for Studio 5 I jumped at the chance to create a special event for the women in my life. I was given the challenge of using vintage sewing patterns- this fit perfectly, for I have MANY memories of sewing and creating with my mom, grandma, and sisters. The theme I chose to use for my mother and daughter tea party was “Patterned After You”…

The invitation is very simple. I used craft paper, ribbon, and a flower made out of sewing pattern tissue. I decided on the color palette to be quite neutral with browns, beige, black, and a hit of green. These colors really seem like spring to me.

When I create, I usually do it for something… an event or purpose. I decided to incorporate dress forms into the theme as a connection to sewing. I got a display dress form, removed her jersey covering and used Mod Podge to decorate her with pieces of random scrapbook paper. I call her Bette (Betty) because I got my first dress form from my Grandma Bette. AND…every cute girl needs a cute name! Next I dressed her in a crinoline petticoat skirt and gave her a few embellishments made from sewing patterns and ribbon. I think Bette will be the perfect decorative greeter at my special family tea.

I wanted to display some old photographs from our past “teas” and so I used Mod Podge to decorate a framed cork board with old sewing patterns.

For table top decorations I carried the dress form motif in with 8″ paper mache dress forms that were Mod Podged with simple tissue paper and sewing pattern tissue. I loved how the beige pattern tissue paper matched so well with my color choices. I also Mod Podged some paper mache eggs with the same tissues for a fun Spring decoration. For a little bit of decorative height and texture I used hat boxes- decorated with scrapbook paper, glitter, and ribbon . They also served as darling gift wrap for small gifts.

Tissue paper flowers and puff balls are the things that really brought the fun into creating this event. I used sewing pattern tissue for everything from Bette’s accessories to the decorative balls hanging over the buffet. Add a little glitter, a few buttons and a sentimental note to a tissue paper flower and you’ve got a darling, yet easy take home favor.

This is a super easy and fun way to celebrate Mother’s day, a Spring birthday or just an excuse to get together with the women in your life. Enjoy!

Follow Amy’s fantastic life and creative adventures at her blog, “This and That”

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