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How to Start a Podcast: 6 pieces of advice from a podcaster to help you launch your own

If you want to start a podcast, it’s more approachable than you think.

Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought, “I could contribute to this conversation”? With podcasts becoming increasingly popular and accessible, stepping in front of the mic has never been easier.

Vanessa Quigley, the host of the Mom Force podcast, shares advice for women looking to dive into the world of podcasting. In her show, she interviews well-known women each week, sharing wisdom and insights.


6 Pieces of Advice to Help You Start a Podcast

Vanessa, who has been podcasting for four years now, attributes her love for podcasting to the incredible conversations it fosters. For her, it’s all about the engaging dialogues and the opportunity to delve into the profound questions that surround motherhood. But if you’re a woman who has contemplated starting a podcast, how do you overcome the initial hurdle of getting started?

1. Start with a Google Search

Vanessa’s first piece of advice is straightforward: when you’re unsure about where to begin, turn to Google. Look up “how to start a podcast,” and you’ll find a wealth of information and resources. The internet is a valuable tool for learning new skills, including podcasting.

2. Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating

For many aspiring podcasters, the technological aspect can be intimidating. However, Vanessa assures us that you don’t need an array of expensive equipment to get started. You can simply use the voice memos app on your phone to record your content. The key is to then upload your recordings to a podcast hosting service, which will distribute your episodes across various platforms. Plus, there are free hosting services available, making it accessible to everyone.

3. Content Trumps Production Quality

One of the appealing aspects of podcasting is that it doesn’t require Hollywood-level production quality. Listeners are forgiving as long as your content is engaging and valuable. Authenticity and meaningful conversations are what truly matter.

4. Selecting Guests

When it comes to choosing guests for your podcast, Vanessa’s approach is inclusive. Initially, she featured her sisters on the Mom Force podcast, but it quickly evolved to include friends and acquaintances with unique perspectives. You can reach out to individuals you admire on social media, extend an invitation, and start the conversation.

5. Highlight Interviews

Vanessa shared that some of her most memorable podcast moments have come from interviews with celebrities. Surprisingly, many celebrities are down-to-earth and eager to engage in authentic conversations. One recent standout guest was Tiffany Thiessen from “Saved by the Bell,” who had a heartfelt and genuine discussion about parenting, acting, and social media.

6. Avoiding Burnout

Consistency is essential for podcasting success, but Vanessa’s key advice is to have fun and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and remember that there’s no one “right” way to podcast. Over time, your podcast will naturally evolve and improve.

Vanessa’s journey into podcasting demonstrates that anyone can contribute to meaningful conversations in this medium. So, if you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, take Vanessa’s advice: start with a Google search, embrace the technology you have, prioritize content over production quality, select diverse and engaging guests, and most importantly, have fun. Podcasting is a creative space where your unique voice and perspective can shine.

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