Meet Shima Baughman: Studio 5 Contributor behind our new series, ‘Lead’

We’re excited to welcome Shima Baughman to Studio 5 as our newest contributor! Being an accomplished leader herself, she will inspire woman to recognize and refine their own leadership potential. What’s remarkable about Shima’s story is how she gives her all to various aspects of her life. She’s not just a law professor and a distinguished fellow – she’s also a loving mother who can be found with her baby on her shoulder, feeding strawberries to her four-year-old. We look forward to hearing more of her wisdom as the voice of Season 18’s newest series, “Lead.”


Get to Know Shima Baughman

Born in Iran and raised mostly in upstate New York, Shima’s life has been shaped by her experiences, her diverse background, and her deep appreciation for those who guided her along the way. She reflects on her own mentors with profound gratitude, acknowledging their pivotal role in her personal and professional growth.

Shima’s family is a cornerstone of her life. She and her husband are proud parents to five children, each at different stages of life. The older ones bring friendship and wisdom, offering a unique connection that only comes with age. They make for great pickleball opponents, too! The younger ones provide endless moments of laughter and curiosity. And then there’s their youngest, a 2-month-old baby girl, who fills their lives with pure joy.

Professionally, Shima is a law professor and a distinguished fellow at the Wheatley Institute at Brigham Young University. Her work is a blend of two contrasting worlds. On one side, she delves into the complexities of criminal law and criminal justice, authoring textbooks that tackle challenging subjects. On the other side, she explores the uplifting aspects of religion and its role in improving lives and solving social issues.

Last year, Shima embarked on a new venture by joining TikTok (@closertojesuschrist). Her motivation was simple yet profound – to share her testimony of Jesus Christ and spread positivity. She hopes that even if her message reaches just one person and brightens their day, it would be worth it.

Shima’s leadership journey reached new heights when she served as an associate dean at a law school at the University of Utah. In this role, she immersed herself in leadership literature, reading around 30 leadership books. She gained valuable insights that she now hopes to share with other women, helping them discover their potential and become better leaders themselves.

With a heart full of hope and a desire to empower women, Shima is eager to contribute to our upcoming series, “Lead.” She believes in the untapped potential within every woman and hopes that this series will inspire them to refine their gifts and make a positive impact on the world.

Shima Baughman’s multifaceted life as a law professor, mother, mentor, and leader exemplifies the idea that we all have the potential to inspire and empower others. We look forward to Shima’s contributions to our upcoming series, which promises to be a source of empowerment and inspiration for women everywhere.

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