How to Add Feminine Frills He Will Approve Of

How to Add Feminine Frills He Will Approve Of

Some women may think that the home is their domain – and with décor trends leaning toward anything frilly, ruffled or bold in color – how do you strike a balance between his and hers in your home décor?

Designer Lauren Oviatt with Oviatt-Pratt and Associates shares how to get some needed pink in your life without alienating any men (in other words – a few ideas to disguise the fact that you’re still getting your way!)

1. Apply in Small Doses

Haven’t we all heard that men are N.I.D – ‘not into details’? I agree. If you need the floral patterns or pastel colors, apply them in small doses and the men in your life may not even notice. A neighbor of mine recently said, “I’ve got to figure out a way to bring some pink into my family room without my husband noticing.” Later that week I noticed a small pink porcelain dish as part of her coffee table display. It blended seamlessly. Success! Other great ideas may be a throw blanket in your favorite feminine color or a colorful cake stand in your kitchen that is disguised as a place to put treats. How about fresh flowers or candles? Who would ridicule you for that? Be careful of scents that are overtly feminine… choose unscented candles and place fragrant flowers where there is space to breathe. The great thing about small doses is that is affords you the opportunity to rotate items seasonally. There are so many fabulous colors trending right now – applying these pops of color adds energy to any neutral space right where you need it.

2. Pick either color or pattern.

When it comes to soft goods like pillows, drapes, bedding, and upholstered pieces like sofas, chairs and even headboards… play down the femininity by choosing either pattern OR color, not both. If the romantic floral prints like Laura Ashley or Shabby Chic look is what you love, then pick that pattern up in a neutral tan-on-white color or even blue and cream. A lovely choice. If the color (pinks and teals and purples) is what matters more to you, look for those colors in graphic, bold, masculine patters or even solids. You’ll still get the look you’re after, but you won’t be taking things over the top. Try to ground both florals and bright colors with neutrals that will both draw attention to them while also downplaying the frilliness of it all.

3. When all else fails, go crazy!

If the two ideas we’ve mentioned just won’t cut it for you – then consider this one : there is probably a space in your home that you consider your own… a vanity or dressing table in your bathroom, a craft room or closet, a powder room or even your laundry room (especially if YOU’RE the one doing all the laundry!). This would be a great place to splash lots of girly color and feminine touches. We’re talking everything from wall color to drapery, decorative baskets, ruffles, flower pins, colorful desk accessories, you name it! This will become your ‘happy place’ and you can tell your hubby to just stay out of it if he doesn’t approve.

Lauren has always had a love for interior and landscape design, floral décor, and all things beautiful! Having lived in the South and also on the west coast before settling in Utah, her design instinct is to combine traditional elements and furniture with updated style and current color palettes. She is constantly looking for ways to infuse glamour into her projects while bringing a fresh perspective and an eye for tasteful, classic design. Lauren has degrees in both Public Relations and Interior Design and worked in wedding/event planning before transitioning to residential and hospitality design.

Oviatt – Pratt is a full-service design firm in business for over 25 years, specializing in high-end residential and commercial design. The scope of their projects ranges from simple home renovations to large-scale construction projects where design is implemented from the first color choices to the final finishing touches. With direct access to over 75 upholstery, accessory and furniture lines, Oviatt-Pratt’s designers are able to provide each client with pieces that are particular to his or her taste and style. Their showroom is open to the public Monday through Friday.

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