Teach Kids To Cook With Confidence


You teach your kids basic life skills to prepare them for life on their own. But with the convenience of fast food meals, cooking is one skill that’s often left behind. But it shouldn’t be!

Kid’s Cooking Instructor, Aimee Krey shares tips to teach your kids to cook with confidence.

1. It is crucial to give kids confidence when cooking in the kitchen. The younger they start the better; even as young as 2 or 3. You can do this by letting them be hands on even if it means a mess in your kitchen! Supervise, but don’t hover over them! Remember to make it a positive and fun experience. These are great memories you will both cherish. The benefits they will get from this far outweigh the stress of any mess.

2. I recommend teaching your children some of your family’s favorite but simple recipes to take with them as a foundation. Even if it’s only scrambling eggs or boiling pasta.

3. When it comes to cooking, it is so important to taste as you go! And when seasoning your dish start with a little. I always tell the kids, “You can always add more, but you can’t take it out”. There is nothing worse than a ruined over seasoned dish! Kids need this reminder, as they tend to be heavy handed with salt and other seasonings.

4. Kids need to learn how to properly use a Chef knife or any type of knife. This is something you shouldn’t teach them until they are around age 11 or 12. And remember, “A dull knife is the most dangerous to use!”

5. All kids should know their basic cooking methods. Recipes call for different methods like roasting, sautéing, broiling, baking, etc. If kids learn these skills early, they will able to take on almost any recipe!

Aimee Krey is passionate about teaching kids to cook. She teaches weekly classes throughout the year to kids of all ages. Find her “Kids That Cook” page on Facebook!

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