How to Break Out of Your Summer Reading Rut

How to Break Out of Your Summer Reading Rut

We read the reviews. Even jot down a friend’s recommendations. But if you find yourself reaching for the same type of read over and over – it might be time to for a book shake-up.

Librarian Trish Hull shares a few ways to break out of a reading rut.

Change up your genre or rut. If you only read mysteries, try science fiction or paranormal romance. If you only read fiction, try a memoir or some narrative non-fiction (non-fiction that reads like fiction), or a book that talks about where we are headed in the future that isn’t political). If you only read non-fiction try some historical fiction that gives you the facts you crave along with a great plot and characters.

The following are a few suggestions in each area to try.


1. Nora Roberts- Chasing Fire

2. Linda Howard- Dream Man

3. Susan Elizabeth Phillips- It had to be you

4. Julie Garwood- the Bride

5. Stephanie Laurens- Devil’s Bride

Science Fiction

1 Orson Scott Card- Enders Game

2 Isaac Asimov- I Robot

3 Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

4 David Weber- Honor Harrington Series- On Basilisk Station

5 Lois McMaster Bujold- The Sharing Knife- Beguilement


1. Anne MCcaffrey- Dragons of Pern- Dragonflight

2. Christine Feehan- Magic in the Wind

3. David Eddings- The Diamond Throne

4. Margaret Weis- Shadow Raiders

5. Maria V Snyder – Poison Study


1. W.E.B Griffin- By Order of the President

2. Clive Cussler- Serpent

3. Dale Brown-Executive Intent

4. Steve Berry- the Charlemagne pursuit

5. Karna Small Bodman- Final Finesse


1. Mary Higgins Clark- I’ll Walk Alone

2. Tony Hillerman- The Blessing Way

3. Janet Evanovich- One for the Money

4. Linda Farstein- Final Jeopardy

5. Elizabeth Peters- The Golden One


1. Michael J. Fox- A Funny thing happened on the way to the future

2. Robert Kurson- Shadow Divers

3. Hickham, Homer H- Rocket Boys

4. Five People You Meet in Heaven- Mitch Albom

5. Spike Walker- On the Edge of Survival

If you don’t have time to read, pick up a story collection. There are a lot of anthologies of short stories that you can read one quick story at a time. Or keep a book in your car or purse for when you are stuck at a doctor’s office, the DMV or waiting for your kids to try on their school clothes. (with teenagers that can be endless!)

Listen to a book on CD in the car instead of music, news or talk radio. It is much more relaxing. I have far less road rage when I am listening to a book. It is not just for truckers or vacations. I don’t mind being stuck in traffic if I am listening to a book.

Give a book or genre a try that you hated as a kid or teen. You may be surprised at how your tastes have changed and how the book has changed. One of those ‘classics” you swore you would never read may be a terrific fit now. I have hated “westerns” since I was a kid so I would never pick up a western novel. But oddly enough there are some pretty interesting westerns out there.

If you hate to read, it is probably because you struggled as a kid or maybe still struggle, try an audio book first or a popular kids book that everyone is reading and you may be surprised at how enjoyable it can be. Reading is like any sports or talent, the more you read the better you are at reading. Any age can improve their reading skills. There are millions of books out there for a variety of tastes and librarians are just waiting to help you find the right one.

Instead of waiting for the movie – read the book first! Compare and vote with your friends or family which is better.

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