The Reading Routine: Making Time for You

The Reading Routine: Making Time for You

We know it’s important to keep our kids reading, but if the best way children learn is by example – it could be important to carve out reading time of your own. So how and when do YOU make time to pick up a book?

Here’s what a few busy women, moms and Studio 5 Facebook friends had to say!

Evamarie Whittle: I do a lot of books on CD since I drive my husband to work and back. I also have a book that I read any time I can squeeze it in usually when she is watching a movie or playing with her daddy.

Bobbie Murphy: I have found that it is MUCH easier for me to read on my Pandigital e-reader, since I don’t have to have 2 hands to hold a book! I have a 3 1/2 year old and 13 month old TWINS! I read the most when they are taking naps or in bed for the night, but sometimes if they are playing good I’ll pull it out a read a little here and there!

Jessica Cheshire Forsyth: I love my kindle- it is so portable that I can take it with me everywhere…I read at the doctor’s office, waiting to pick kids up, in the car (when my husband is driving- of course!) and anywhere else I have a few spare minutes.

Jessica Jensen Bagby: Nap time is a great time to get some reading in. I feel like it’s important to make time for it. I also read after I put my son to bed when my hubby isn’t home. Sometimes though, my hubby and I both pull out books and read.

Suzanne Stephens Yorgason: I always carry a book with me. So when my husband stops for gas I will pull out the book and start to read or if I need to stay in the car with one of my sleeping kids, I have a book to read. Also I will read when the kids are asleep, or when my kids have their quiet time. This way my kids see the importance of reading, and I can escape and relax.

Leslie AndKyron Waters: I love reading, so I try to before I go to bed. I also love audio CDs when I’m traveling.

Amy Page Fussell: I read in the evening after the kids have been put to bed. There’s nothing like wearing snuggly pj’s and reading a good book in bed. Ahhh – quiet and sanity! And a book before bed is like a warm glass of milk – helps you sleep, but without the calories.

Brooke L Ochs: I read around two books a week… with a two year old. I read during naps or after bed time… sometimes if I get some cleaning done I have a little reading reward time :D.

Jenny Garrard: Am I the only one who reads in the bathroom…? Akward! 🙂

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