How to Conceal a Muffin Top

It’s a body issue many women deal with, no matter their weight or size: the muffin top.

Fashion consultant and co-founder of Shabby Apple, Emily Bell McCormick says this is one body issue you can work around.

A muffin top is any excess weight that you carry on your stomach or back. And when you dress, you have the undesirable effect of spilling over, or squeezing out, the top of your pants.

Instead of getting frantic over the fact that you have a muffin top (because so many of us do!), focus in. Work with what you have. Make the best of it. Everyone can look good.

And frankly, look on the bright side of things, they styles this season are nearly hand-picked to conceal a stomach. This is a GREAT season for a muffin top.

I have great news…clothing is a beautiful thing. A quick analogy: you’re hosting a party, but you’re embarrassed because you have a rickety old dining room table…maybe it was your grandmothers or your kids have just destroyed it. What are you going to do? You’re having a party for heaven sakes…you’re going to throw on a tablecloth and formulate a centerpiece. No one will ever notice the table. Clothing does the same thing for you. Your body is still your body, but the appearance can be hugely altered based on the clothing choices you make. Because every day WE determine how we look by what we put on our bodies.

Basic Dressing Principles that Hide the Mid-Section:


1. Buy the right size. Many women become very tempted to buy a size bigger because they really concerned about hiding their mid-section. This makes you look heavier. Vice versa, many women are preoccupied with a size they once wore…and end up busting at the seams. This draws attention to the mid section. Be realistic. If it’s your first time shopping in a while, try on a few sizes and determine which one actually fits you.

2. Wear shirts that are fuller through the stomach. So, so many possibilities within this right now. Sheath shirts (boxy, straight, 60s), dolman style shirts (baggy around the upper arm and mid section, tight at the sleeve end and hips), empire waists

3. Wear shirts with heavier or stiffer fabrics. They tend to show less detail and keep form longer.

4. Wear shirts that are long enough. Very few things draw more attention than a woman tugging at what she’s wearing. If your shirt is short, you will not only feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable. If you have to layer a longer shirt underneath, so be it. Avoid the tug factor.


5. Pair boxy or full shirts with tight pants. Even if you don’t love your legs. The juxtaposition of baggy and tight makes you look thinner.

6. Wear high-waisted skirts and pants with blouse tucked in.

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