Style File: The Blouse is Back

It’s feminine, dressy, and nothing like the blouse our grandmothers wore!
Fashion Consultant Emily McCormick says there’s more than one way to wear this wardrobe staple.

BLOUSES, and I mean hard-core blouses, are back and better than ever. Not true with every fashion re-run. It is true with this.

The widespread appeal is due in part to the fact that there are so many ways to wear them this time around. They’re great for ultra-conservative dressers, right down to the uber-hipster. Because of that, blouses are making their way back into our wardrobes, AS A STAPLE! Almost as essential as a pair of jeans, or a T-shirt.

So, can everyone wear the modern blouse, or are they just for the young and hip?
That’s a fabulous thing about this trend…it’s open to everyone, regardless of age. A 16-year-old can rock a sheer blouse, buttoned up to the top. A 36-year-old can do a silk blouse, with a tie in front. A 66-year-old can wear a bright floral. … And interestingly, vice versa. The 66-year old can go shear. If you’re pairing your blouse with the right thing, there are no exclusions to what you can wear.

The reason is that blouses, by nature, are feminine and dressy. That’s what defines a “blouse”…it’s not a t-shirt, not even just a “button-up,” which can be for a man. A blouse is exclusively for women.

Here are three looks to try:


Black and white blouse untucked, buttoned all the way up with skinny jeans, oxfords: great for a ladies’ night out or date with your husband; can mix it up for a summer look


Spring blouse tucked in to pencil skirt: classic look, good change-up for dressier events as opposed to wearing slacks and a plain white button up


Collarless blouse tucked in to skinny black jeans. You can wear it tucked in or untucked. You’ll see these types of blouses paired with shorts come Spring.

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