How to Control Shine

If you have it, you know it. And it’s difficult to control unless you understand the source.

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone explains how to control shiny, oily skin.

If you have it, you know it. And it is difficult to control unless you understand the source. I am talking about very common skin type called oily. This skin type simply has more active sebaceous glands, and these glands produce oil. Whether a quick fix or a long-term treatment, at the base of shine is your skin. Form a loving relationship with your skin and understand how to speak its language. It is really that simple. Give it what it needs, it will respond with manageability.


· Don’t use alcohol based products. They are much too drying on the skin and skin will produce its own oil if it feels too dry. Striping the skin is counterproductive to helping control oil. Instead look for salicylic acid which can help combat breakouts as well as control shine.

· Do not exfoliate more than 3 times a week. Oily skin can often times be sensitive. Exfoliation is only necessary a maximum of 3 times a week.

· Don’t wear only a powder product as your foundation. Oily skin generally has larger pores and a rough texture. Powder by itself can accentuate a rough surface rather than smooth it out.


Prep Skin

Before you do anything, you must prepare your blank canvas with a great cleanser. Strong enough to remove the dirt and oil, yet gentle enough not to rob the skin of precious moisture. Work this lather softly into your skin and rinse well. Skin will feel clean and healthy, not stripped and tight.

Holly’s Product Pick: Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser, Ulta $26

Reduce Pores

Large pores produce more oil. Treat this common problem directly at the source-below the surface of the skin. A pore reducing product can actually shrink the perimeter of the pore making it appear smaller and therefore less noticeable. And this product will also help with oil control. Less of a cosmetic and more of a treatment, you can expect results within 7 days. Sensational.

Holly’s Product Pick: Sephora Pore Refining Serum, $20

Prime Skin

Oily skin definitely needs a smooth barrier between the skin’s surface and any foundation product. That is why shiny skin is the PERFECT candidate for a mattifying primer. It will remove any semblance of oil while smoothing out the surface of the skin preparing it for the ultimate finish for a foundation.

Holly’s Product Pick: *Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer, Sephora, $32

(*This is a product I say is “Best in Class!”)

Choose Makeup Carefully

The one product that shocked me!! I typically do not purchase drug store liquid foundations. But after trying over 10 higher end brands with results that didn’t merit their price tags, I resorted to the nearest Walgreens where I found this new winning product by Neutrogena. Your foundation can and should help you control your shine throughout the day. With the Lorac primer underneath, this foundation wore BEAUTIFULLY all day long with minimal touch ups. It is smooth and fluid, applies easily but isn’t too thick. A great oil controlling foundation, it also has SPF 20 for protection from the sun. Prevents sun damage, prevents shine. Promotes synergistic coverage. I give this product a standing ovation!

Holly’s Product Pick: Neutrogena Shine Control makeup, Walmart, $6

Powder or Pat Skin

Next up is merely a matter of preference. Your individual preference.

For those who enjoy “powdering their nose”, you should look for the finest milled powder on the market and I have found it. It feels like silk and simply eliminates shine with each application. A great go-to if your shiny skin’s personality begins to peek through.

For those who do not want to constantly add a product throughout the day but who need additional help with shine, a blotting paper is a must have for every shiny soul J Simply fold the paper around 2 fingers in a taco shape and roll across the skin to remove excess oil.

Holly’s Product Pick: Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder, Sephora, $35

Holly’s Product Pick: Hard Candy Matte Blotting Papers, Walmart, $3

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