How to Get Fit… With Your Eyes Closed!

But what if you could get fit and do it with your eyes closed! Would you do it?

Melanie Douglass with Podfitness, Inc has some exercises that will help you can get a good workout, but an even better one with your eyes closed.

There are 3 easy ways to burn more calories in less time!

1. Start with basic moves

a. For example, squats, lunges, toe taps, or knee lifts.

2. Add unilateral arm or leg movements

a. This means that each arm does something different. Like one arm will bicep curl and one arm will raise straight out to the side.

b. For the upper body exercises, you can simply stand on one leg while working the arms

3. When you are comfortable with the move, try closing your eyes!

Closing your eyes makes compound movements more difficult and recruits more muscle fibers—specifically in your core—with every move you make.

Exercises to Try With Eyes Closed:

– Splice Squat

o Add side leg lift

o Add “L” splice arms

o Close eyes

– Teeter Lunge

o Add teeter arms

o Close eyes

– Weightless Dips

o Raise arms up/down

o Twist hands

o Stand on leg

o Close eyes

– Magic Arms

o Timing changes

o Stand one leg

o Close eyes

– Walk the Plank

o Plank + footwork

o Add knee tuck

o Close eyes

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