Massage Chair Relief: Pure Comfort

Dr. Alan Weidner shows you what you can expect from this easy-to-love chair.

It’s the newest member of the Inada massage chair family. This page deals specifically with the Sogno Standard Model, but we want you to know that the Sogno Dream Wave PLUS is also available in our showroom and has all the features of the Sogno Standard Model PLUS heated seat, Dream Wave seat massage, true 3-D back massage, and the cream color upholstery, in addition to the standard slate and chocolate colors of the Standard Model. A couple of things I can tell you about this phenomenal chair are that it utilizes an infrared scanning technology that locates your bodies own acupressure points and then works those points with a Shiatsu style massage.

The Inada Sogno Standard Model is jam packed with so many awesome features. This chair is unique in the fact that almost all of the features you are going to read about are proprietary, meaning that Inada created, and owns the rights to, the specific mechanism so you will not find this on any other chair!

The massage starts by offering an awwwwwwe-inspiring Dream Wave technology. This technology utilizes the rollers to do a figure eight pattern that mimics massage therapists movements during a shiatsu session. This enables the chair to massage over 1200 square inches of your body. This is the largest coverage offered from ANY massage chair.

For those of you who have been looking for a chair that will really get in and work the tops of the shoulders and neck, you have found it! This chair has a special unit that comes around and not only penetrates deep into those nagging pains in the neck but also gives gentle neck traction as well!

As we move down the body we come to the arms and forearms massage. This chair delivers a gentle, undulating massage all the way down to your fingertips with its 20 air cells that are designed to inflate and deflate at a precisioned pace. There is nothing quite like getting your arms and hands rubbed at the end of the day to re-energize them!

This wonderful chair also offers airbags that inflate around the hip and thigh to knead these large muscles. It also works on the IT band and provides some hip movement.

It has a stretch program that not only takes you into extension and flexion but also gives a slight rotational pull in the shoulders, mid-back and hip. Anyone who has a tight back will appreciate the stretch that this offers after your muscles have been nicely loosened up.

This chair also keeps the family in mind. There is no reason why your children should not be able to benefit from having a massage chair in your home. Inada recognizes that as well…so they have patented a setting in this chair that specializes for young people 14 and up. It’s a gentler session for their developing bodies.

As well as the stretch program and youth program this beautiful recliner offers eight other auto-programs including a morning and night program! But before you start your program you will be scanned by the Sogno’s optical sensors. These are designed to find your shiatsu points which are unique to each individual, so the chair is “learning” YOUR body. After it has finished the scan it will provide you with your own totally personalized massage chair session!

The designer of this dynamic chair recliner is the world-renowned designer Toshiyuki Kita. His work has earned him a permanent place in The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and Pinakothek der Modarne in Munich. He has taken the functionality, style and grace of massage and incorporated it into a state-of-the-art massage chair experience!

And Massage Chair Relief will be offering $500 off the Dream Wave model and $200 off all other chairs in the store if you say you heard about this on Studio 5.

For more information, visit Massage Chair Relief at their new store in Taylorsville at 2248 West 5400 South, or call them at (801) 417-8240 or on line at

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