How to Layer Like a Pro

It’s not only a way to add warmth – it’s a way to add style! If you love the look
of layering, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off in real life, listen in.

Fashion Blogger Ali Henrie shares four secrets to layering like a pro.

Layering is not only a way of adding warmth during these colder months, but
also a way to add style to a look by adding in more color and texture. To
create fresh and new looks, locate overlooked or underused articles of
clothing and use those pieces to help build new outfits.

Mix Textures and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and patterns to create a
fresh and newly layered look. For example, a lightweight dress paired with a
chunky sweater and tights instantly takes a dress from summer to winter.
The key to combining pieces such as these is to find a common element such
as color that will tie all the pieces together.

Create a Balance

If you choose to wear several layers on top, think about keeping the bottom
more simple and streamlined with a skinny or straight leg pant and vice
versa. Too many layers overall can be too much and look messy. Also,
consider proportion and where the layers fall on your body. If you are taller
you can get away with longer lengths, if you are shorter consider selecting
items that are shorter and more proportionate to your body size.

Select Well Fitting Pieces with a Nice Silhouette

One of the most common problems seen with layering is losing one’s shape
and getting lost in the layers. To avoid this problem, try to select pieces with
a nice silhouette. If you want to minimize a certain area of the body adding
lots of layers to that area is not your best choice because it will only
accentuate that area. Instead, try wearing a fitted, not tight, piece of clothing
in those areas. Don’t forget to look in the mirror, front and back.

Use Accessories to Layer

Think beyond the clothes and try adding layers with accessories. By using
accessories, you will minimize some of the bulk that comes from layering
clothing and will achieve a more streamlined, clean and sophisticated look.
Use dark colors to your advantage to minimize and consider adding layers to
that base. Remember to layer light to chunky, and always consider your focal
point, whether it be a chunky necklace, scarf, belt or boots.

To see a few of Ali’s favorite layering pieces, click HERE.

Ali has always loved fashion and design. She graduated with a degree in
Advertising and Marketing. After working at Nordstrom, Anthropologie and
most recently the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in
California, her love of design and fashion solidified into a passion. She is now
a fashion/lifestyle blogger and marketing consultant. She is married and has
a one-year-old son who has been a newfound source of her creativity. She
has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity of living in 5 states in
the past 6 years. Moving and traveling has opened her eyes to rich sources of
inspiration. Clothes, landscapes, billboards, people, books, magazines, food,
weather, and children are a carousel of ideas for her. She loves mixing
different colors, textures and patterns to come up with unexpected
combinations. She is very adventurous and loves to try new things!
Ali believes that aesthetically pleasing surroundings can be the inspiration for
assembling clothing in ways that are exciting and inventive. To see more of
Ali’s fashion and design ideas visit her blog at:

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